Treating Bursitis With a Therapeutic Home Ultrasound Machine

The use of ultrasound therapy for pain relief has grown increasingly popular in recent years. First used in the 1940’s, ultrasound therapy has been shown to be extremely effective at treating pain as well as muscle spasms and inflammation. Many individuals with conditions such as bursitis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia have found relief from the use of a reputable ultrasound therapy machine. softwave 

Therapeutic ultrasound works by using sound waves. The high frequency sound waves stimulate the tissue beneath the skin’s surface, alleviating pain and spasms in the muscles. Today, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of the pain-relieving benefits by owning your own home ultrasound machine.

With your own personal ultrasound therapy machine, not only do you have the ability to experience the pain relieving benefits at any time, but you are also able to enjoy many of the other benefits of therapeutic ultrasound.

Ultrasound waves work by penetrating the surface layers of the skin and causing soft tissue areas to vibrate, which soothes both pain and inflammation. In addition, they increase the blood flow in the area being treated, which can reduce swelling and aid in healing. Another key benefit of having an ultrasound therapy machine is the unique ability of ultrasound waves to break down scar tissue, allowing you to treat even old injuries.

Using an ultrasound therapy machine is very easy. A special gel is applied to the skin to reduce friction and act as a conductor for the ultrasonic waves, and then the probe is placed against the area being treated. Sound waves are transmitted which pass through the skin, reaching the soft tissue beneath. The pulsing power of the sound waves stimulates joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles to aid in muscle relaxation, offering a drug-free method of pain relief.

For many individuals, using an ultrasound therapy machine has proven to be far more effective for pain relief than many invasive methods such as cortisone injections or surgery. It has been shown to be particularly effective in treating sports injuries and has become very popular among many athletes as it allows them to return to playing sooner than if they let an injury heal on its own. A personal ultrasound machine also offers relief from tendinitis by reducing the inflammation in the tendons and allowing them to heal.

Home ultrasound machines are a safe and effective way to treat injuries, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. When purchasing a personal ultrasound therapy machine, look for one that has a positive reputation, preferably backed by testimonial evidence, and comes with a good warranty.


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